The future of Nozomics from the CTOs perspective

You might have seen our whitepaper and our roadmap within, if you haven’t then you should absolutely check it out. The roadmap has ambitious plans and Lars (CEO) and I had several talks about where we want to go with the project in the future. I personally though want to write my thoughts down on where we are going with the project from a technical point of view.

About the website

I have been working hard on our ecosystem of Nozomics. I have learned more than I ever did before in the last few weeks. However we are quite early, there will probably be some bugs present. I will be working around the clock in the next few weeks to ensure that the system is running as fluently as possible. If you do find any problems or bugs with the website, you can reach out to our community manager or you can reach out to me directly on twitter or in our community discord. In which direction do I want to go personally with the website? Right now the focus will be to give the platform more features, a better modular structure and a strong api, so that external developers can easily develop their own games and release it on our platform. A better, more fluid design with 3D elements is also planned to give the website a real “wow” factor. In the distant future I would personally like to make our ecosystem as decentralized as possible. The blockchain in itself is a very fascinating technology and for one a technology that should not be ignored in the future. It is very likely that the leaderboards will be running on a decentralized database in the future. Smart contracts will be used to control the process and maybe even used to develop anti-cheat software?

The wallet problem

Many of you who have had contact with cryptocurrency, understand the problem of getting started. Buying a token? Well you first have to swap from your currency to ethereum, xDai or binance coin and then swap again to your desired token. Getting the right wallet. The pain of connecting it to a swap. Where and how do I connect? We have all been there and it is frustrating. I actually want to have a solution for that. It is most likely only going to be for Nozomics in the beginning, but imagine being able to swap to anything within one wallet. Making our lives easier in terms of cryptocurrency is one thing. I want to research a bit further and develop or help develop a solution to this problem. Maybe with a universal protocol for blockchain communication? It will make it easier for every gamer to come to our platform and play.

Our first game

I have been a programmer for many years now, but I never actually came around to write my first game. This is one thing I will be doing in the upcoming weeks. It will be launched on this platform and will make for an excellent addition to our gaming ecosystem. I can’t announce anything yet but there will be one at the right time. Stay tuned.

Our Team

Since this project is going to grow more and more it will become an even harder challenge to get everything done in a reasonable time frame, especially since I am on my own in terms of programming and technical support. If you are looking for a new challenge especially as a DevOps and you really like our project: Reach out to us! This project is going to grow so we will need to expand our team in the future and you might be the right fit.

Now what?

There are certainly a lot of things I want to do for Nozomics to grow and boost the technology on our platform. The future looks bright for the technology sector and with the firm arrival of cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology, who knows what we haven’t explored yet? This was just a quick look into the future of Nozomics from my perspective. We only just launched but we are far from done! This is only the beginning for a very long future for Nozomics. Join us and start playing.