Welcome to Nozomics - The Play2Earn Gaming Platform

A word from the CEO

The Gaming World is changing. As a kid I was thrilled when I bought games like Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII or Sonic Adventure - just to play them. After the first time I read about Play2Earn I was thrilled again, because this sounds like the beginning of a revolution regarding game design, gameplay mechanics and immersion. Nowadays more and more consumers wish to earn money while playing games. How will Play2Earn affect the fun and the joy of gaming? What value can Nozomics add to this new movement?

An Opportunity

Since technical innovations like blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going through their own evolution to become mature and highly developed, the impact on the gaming industry grows rapidly. Almost 60% of the game developers from the US and UK are implementing blockchain into their game design. Nozomics sees here big potential for the renaissance of classic arcade games and games without a budget similar to triple A titles. As a platform we want to open the Play2Earn and Blockchain-Gaming market for other studios which want to generate a new way of income and are not familiar with topics like token deployment, wallet security or tokenomics. For the gaming community we offer a straightforward Connect-and-Play experience and a Tokenomics which supports our progressive prize pools.


Crypto, Blockchain and Token .. sounds complicated. The entry into the crypo-market is awkward. We aim for an all-in-one-solution: the technology steps behind the stage and the experience matters. Furthermore we want to establish Nozomics as Gaming System for Play2Earn games. Our first roll out will be the open beta with several fundamental functions:

  • Play Ranked Mode: Play, set score and climb the Leaderboard
  • Reward System: top scores will be rewarded after a timeframe runs out
  • Free Play Mode: Play4Fun without advertisement, without entry fee and without score counting

For more details and more content stay tuned.