As the InGame Token for the Nozomics Gaming System ZOMI serves as entry-ticket and as reward for the Play-Ranked mode.

What does ZOMI?

ZOMI allows you to enter the competition: your score will count and evaluated to get ranked on the leaderboard.


Pay the entry fee to get started. Your fee will increase the price pool.

Pay-in symbol

Get Ranked

Start playing and get the highest score on the leaderboard.


The top places will rewarded with ZOMI - weekly, monthly and once a year.

Pay-out symbol

What is the ZOMI Protocol?

The ZOMI Protocol is a smart contract that executes three functions and they are serving the Nozomics Gaming System: Increasing the Price Pools and growing the Game Library.

LP Automatic symbol

LP Automatic

1% of every sell flows to the Liquidity Pool on Pancakeswap for creating a price floor.

Zomi CoinPrice Pool symbol

Reflect Pool

5% of every sell/buy/transfer will reflect to four wallets: the company wallet, ZOMI Vault, Treasury wallet and the Tournament wallet.

Burn Automatic symbol

Burn Automatic

1% of every sell/buy/transfer will be burned for ever. With that we aim for a more stable relation between ZOMI and BNB.

More about ZOMI

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About the Nozomics Gaming System

Leaderboards, progressive Price Pools, Play Ranked? Want to learn how it works?

How It Works
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Interested in the security of ZOMI? SolidProof has audited ZOMI.

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